What We Do
Web Development
Enterprise Applications • CMS • Web APIs • E-commerce Platforms
We offer customized and scalable web services across all verticals. We create new approaches to web development; bringing front-end, back-end, and microservices together to deliver on your business needs.
Mobile App Development
Hybrid Applications • Wearables • Android • iOS
We deliver rich user experiences to mobile devices and create visually stunning and flexible applications integrated with the latest technologies. Our team provides impactful suggestions to elevate your development strategy.
Product Development
Enterprise Products • SaaS • PaaS • Product Prototypes • Internet of Things (IoT)
We provide customized product development solutions that fit your business goals and needs. Our expert team of creators and engineers are well versed and adept in the latest development frameworks and technology. We ensure your technology assets drive exceptional business results.
Artificial Intelligence
User Behavior • Data & Personal Security • Marketing • NLP
We create Artificial Intelligence applications that intelligently sense, process, and act on information - augmenting human capabilities, increasing speed and efficiency, and helping organizations achieve more.
Visual and Experience Design
Product Design • Interaction Design • User Research • Customer Experience
We create quality experiences focusing on individuals rather than abstract users when designing products. We can lead the creation of the user experience in all stages from proof-of-concept to prototyping complete mobile/web solution transformation.
Internet of Things
Protocol Design • Signal Filtering and Processing • Real-time Monitoring
We have experience developing and integrating customized IoT devices creating networks of smart things. From health related sensors, like EKGs, to iBeacon technology for micro-locating users, we have enabled clients to create seamless experiences for their customers.
Quality Assurance & Support
Automated Testing • Manual Testing • Continuous Integration • Code Audit
We systematically monitor and evaluate various aspects of our work to make sure our processes run smoothly. Our products are well-produced and our results exceed all expectations.
Project Management
Requirements Documentation • Discovery: Roadmap Creation • Architecture Planning
We define investment potential, technology stack, timeline, and ongoing maintenance required to launch and sustain your solution. We manage the scope of your software build, forecast progress, and break tasks into managed releases that align with schedule, project goals, and cost.
Technologies we
Ruby on Rails