Our mission is to offer companies highly motivated teams that work for a common goal in the process of transforming an idea into a product.

Woopa is an Argentinian and New York-based technology, software and design firm.

At Woopa, we work directly with our clients; bringing their vision and concept to fruition. Every Wooper is committed to delivering high-end work and providing excellent customer service.

Our focus and diligence extend throughout every stage of the process.

Our team uses the latest technologies in the market and are fearless about the unknown.

We strongly believe in continuously pushing the boundaries towards technological advancements and software solutions that will enable us to make a positive impact globally.

We are the change, we are Woopa!

The Woopers

Federico Moretti
He’s the god of Backend. Proactive and entrepreneurial. Has extensive experience in the software industry since he worked for several important companies before founding Woopa. When not seated in front of his laptop, he likes to play basketball and, why not, have a good glass of wine.
Leandro Diaz
He’s the definition of responsibility. He’s the reason about everything being in the right place, from the development tasks up to the business processes. How not? Since he was a child he showed perfect skills for organization. Engineer, partner and leader at Woopa.
Joaquin Volpe
Master and lord of Frontend, but also talks to Android aliens. Funny and positive. A partner at Woopa. Apart from being an Engineer, he’s a car racer, and actually a very good one. He likes soccer and barbecues.
Bernardo Sanguinetti
He’s the architect at Woopa. The logic is his main ally. Perfectionist by nature and role games lover. In his free time he enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends and playing soccer. Oh! And he’s a partner at Woopa.
Dell Chess
The man in the suit. CMO at Woopa. Perfectionist, methodical and charismatic. Marketing? A lifestyle. He has the exciting task of telling our clients how they can change the world.
Julia Soligo
The Superwoman. Leader by nature, kind and family woman. Responsible for managing all the resources involved in the projects. Cinephile, compulsive reader and Netflix’s lover. The feminine touch at Woopa.
Lautaro Klein
Frontend developer. Usability and testing are part of his DNA. He strives to improve the user experience on every project. Outstanding soccer player. Basket is always on his mind.
Ezequiel Fernandez
Backend developer. Proactive, curious and a little shy. He doesn’t know the meaning of the expression “I’m stuck”. He is constantly looking for new challenges within the company. He used to play soccer when he was a child, now he is just fine being a River Plate’s fan.